AFRL Leverages ATAK for iSTAC Program

From Defense News Systems:

The Air Force is starting a new program that could potentially allow users other than the pilot to control airborne sensors—allowing shared access for multiple warfighters.

The Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory released a presolicitation for the Information Management-Enabled Sensor Tasking and Ad Hoc Control program yesterday.


AFRL plans to leverage three sets of existing government-owned software, increasing their capabilities to reach ISTAC’s goals:

Marti, which is an embedded information management software service that provides real-time situational awareness, is to be integrated with ISTAC tasking capabilities.

Android Tactical Assault Kit, or ATAK, is a situational awareness tool based on Android that will be able to enable third-party tasking in ISTAC through real-time sensor control plugins.

And OpenPod comprises a software framework and open hardware architecture that would include an application programming interface that would allow third-party applications be integrated into ATPs.

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