AFRL Success Story — ATAK

Here’s a publicly released “Success Story” published by AFRL/RI, published in June, 2015.

Here’s an excerpt:

ATAK can operate in virtually any type of networking environment, including land, air, sea and undersea. It is designed to be used in a server-less tactical environment while remaining fully functional. Where feasible, it leverages multiple network configurations, seamlessly bridging tactical radios, phone networks and Wi-Fi and can switch over on-demand.

ATAK’s moving map feature allows the user to stream or cache real-time
maps from web map tile services including Google Imagery Servers and
Digital Globe for current, world-wide coverage. Additionally, ATAK users can download imagery for use when a network connection is unavailable. This allows the warfighter to know where they are and what is around them. The built-in video player is compatible with both commercial and DoD video standards. Video can be displayed full screen or half screen, giving
access to the 2-D map at the same time.

Knowing where your team is and sharing a common view of the situation is a huge boost to mission effectiveness.

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