iGov’s TACLAN program added ATAK to its FCD-W system.  It included testing with VMF and Link-16 compatibility.  From the Embedded report:

iGov announced that it has completed Operational Utility Assessment (OUA) on its Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN) Family of System (FoS) Field Computing Device-Wearable (FCD-W). Testing was accomplished during Digitally-Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) testing at a Department of Defense (DoD) test range in Nevada.

During the week-long testing event, iGov tested the Variable Message Format (VMF) and Situation Awareness  (SADL) with various aircraft. CAS “9-line” brief instructions, Air on Station reports, and other digital information was passed between the FCD-W system and the aircraft; additionally, ground forces successfully tested video downlinks from the aircraft.

iGov’s TACLAN system is designed for special operation forces; the aim is to have a wearable system optimized for combat operations that allows an end-user device to connect to multiple command, control, , computers, and intelligence (C4I) devices. These capabilities, say iGov, will greatly enhances the users’ ability to conduct targeting missions, enhance situational awareness (SA), and aid navigation.

Greg Kaighin, iGov’s TACLAN FCD-W project engineer, says “The FCD-W is designed for the dismounted warrior and incorporates a suite of SA and DACAS applications, including ATAK, mobileJECL and ATRAX supporting VMF, Link 16, SADL, and ANW2.”

Here’s a second report on the same event.

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