3 ways mobility is transforming Air Force readiness

From Defense News, about the Air Warfare Symposium:

Transforming in-flight situational awareness

Pilots have some of the most demanding missions, ranging from coordinating with ground leaders, striking targets, delivering supplies, and communicating with command-and-control assets all at the same time.

Mobile devices like tablets and wearables that integrate with peripherals can transform Air Force readiness by ensuring connectivity and seamless communication across these stakeholders. Tools like the Android Tactical Assault Kit, or ATAK, leverage geospatial information and mapping, site survey, radio controls, web browsing, and chat to deliver real-time situational awareness.

In July 2018, the USAF’s 96th Security Forces Squadron began using ATAK in its patrol cars. Soon, the 96th SFS became the testing area for what could become a new Air Force-wide base defense communication platform. With mobile devices, pilots and those on the ground can have improved situational awareness and decision-making with real-time information at their fingertips.

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