Phones Revolutionize Operational Supply Chain

This article from Isreali web site discusses phones and tablets for use in a variety of operational uses, including supply chain management and flight planning. There’s a discussion of ATAK, but this was also interesting:

US warfighters expect that their field equipment have the same functionality and capability as their personal, commercial mobile devices. Consequently, rugged mobile computing is getting a major boost as the Department of Defense (DoD) pushes the defense industry to ruggedize commercial technologies for military use, according to

The US Air Force has been turning to emerging technologies, including mobile solutions, to close critical readiness gaps. Among the challenges faced by the Air Force are the lack of maintenance professionals, less flexible supply chains and increased risk of supply disruption.

Mobility through smartphones and tablets can boost readiness, streamline operations and empower faster, smarter decisions in several operational areas: Flight line maintenance, supply chain management and situational awareness.

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