Red X

The Red X Tool is available on the action bar for ease of use. It provides a quick way for discerning the coordinate and altitude information of a point on the map along with range and bearing with respect to the Self-marker. Tap the [White X] on the action bar to toggle the Red X tool into a movable state (red with red dot). Tap the desired location on the map and a red X will appear in that location. Tap another location to move the red X. Tap the X (red with the red dot) on the action bar again to put the Red X in a pinned state (red X). When the Red X is in an unpinned state, its position information is displayed in the top right screen. Long press the X on the toolbar to disable and remove the Red X.
Note: The Red X is not persistent. When CIV-TAK is closed and then reopened, the Red X will no longer be present. The user can pair a Red X with another object (a Self-marker for example) and then the R&B
Line Radial can be accessed. Selecting the Details Radial menu will open the R&B Line details menu. From this menu, the user can change the color of the line; reverse line direction; change the endpoint location information, add a remark and display an elevation profile.
Tapping on the Red X will open the Red X radial. The options available are: Delete, Drop Marker, R&B Line, Compass Rose, Field Azimuth Heading and Fine Adjust/Enter Coordinate/MGRS Location.

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