Self Marker

The self marker is displayed as a blue arrowhead at the user’s current location. The options available on the self marker radial are: Compass Rose, Polar Coordinate Entry, Fine Adjust, GPS Error, Range & Bearing Line, GPS Lock to Self, Tracking Breadcrumbs,

Place a Marker at the user’s current location and Details. Other TAK users appear on the display as a colored circle. The color of the circle represents the user’s Team affiliation, with additional lettering inside the circle to identify the role the user on the team. Team member markers that include a diagonal line indicate that the GPS location is not available. A solid icon indicates that the team member has GPS reception.
Available roles include: Team Member; Team Lead, designated by a TL in the center of the marker; or Headquarters designated by HQ.
The options available when you select another user’s self-marker are: Inner Ring – Delete, Polar Coordinate Entry, Fine Adjust, Range & Bearing Line, GPS Lock on Blue Marker, Video Playback (if available), Tracking Breadcrumbs, Communication Options (if configured by that user), and Details.
Outer Ring (Communication Options) – Data Package, Email, SMS  essaging, GeoChat, VOIP, and Cellular Phone.

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