Below are links to some files that might be useful to ATAK users. These include DTED (SRTM), Imagery, and overlays.

Shuttle Radar Terrain Measurements Program (“Civilian DTED”)

Shuttle Radar Terrain Measurements Program (SRTM) data is terrain elevation data collected by the US Space Shuttle in 2000 It provides elevation data for approximately 50 North to 50 South. The important difference between SRTM and the US Military Digital Terrain Elevation Data.

You can download the data yourself by going to EarthExplorer.USGS.Gov. You want SRTM 1 arc Second, and you want to select DTED format (easiest done right before checkout for all items).

Here are some SRTM locations to load into ATAK:

Selected Imagery/Maps of The United States (Large)

These maps are from various sources, and are of various concentrations. Your mileage may vary.

Smaller maps that may be of interest (GRGs, KMZs, and Geotiffs)

New York

KML of interest

Subway maps (New York, Washington)

Sample Location Packages

here are a couple of Locations that are built up.

Summit Boy Scout High Adventure Camp, West Virginia. Contains the whole area, the 2017 Jamboree camping grounds and main area in detail.

Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico. Contains several map formats.